by Carla Schleiffer

20.01.-29.01.2023 OFFSPACE FLÜELASTRAßE

There is a difference between physical and closeness that is sought,
the closeness that is allowed by oneself and the closeness that simply happens. And the discrepancy in one’s own body that arises between the different longings seems insurmountable.
Once the roulette starts, there is no going back. The consumable opposite is blurred. Sometimes it is no longer clear who is in danger and from whom the danger emanates.
Do we need touch to become aware of our own physical existence?
In a new series of multimedia works, Carla Schleiffer explores the unfulfilled quest for sexual capital, exposing the deception of a commodity landscape/ capitalist system that constructs false feelings of intimacy.

Using cutting techniques that evoke changing perspectives, machines and consumer goods become protagonists exercising their power over one’s body, which itself becomes an object. Mechanical impulses become the conditioning factors for social warmth.

In a sensitive compilation of visual and acoustic fragments, she refers to texts by Eva Illousz, Rebecca Böhme and Kathy Acker and finds her own rhythm in which she lets them become part of a new narrative.

Text by Wiebke Wiesner